Falling Goombas stop for a ride at Super Nintendo World theme park

Gombas landing? Maybe he met Mario for his match.

Video capture by Meara Isenberg / CNET

The Jumpa facility stumbled at Universal Studios Japan on Monday, falling several meters and landing near a yoshi ride in the Super Nintendo World area of ​​the park, according to Asahi Shimbun Japanese newspaper.

in a video Posted by a Twitter user, a Goomba decoration can be seen on the floor near the ride, which has passengers but has stopped moving. A group of masked people in military uniform begins to raise the body, which consists of four gumbas stacked on top of each other, seemingly heavy. The newspaper reported that no one was hurt because the installation took place in a place where customers were not supposed to enter.

Goomba is a little brown character from the Nintendo Mario universe who is often an obstacle for the red beret hero. His face was always fixed with an angry expression.

The newspaper reported that some attractions in the park have been suspended until the next morning to confirm safety, and the operating company is currently investigating the cause.

Super Nintendo World opened to the public in March in Osaka after the scheduled opening date was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. There are two main rides: Mario Kart: Kuba Challenge and Yoshi Adventure. Universal Studios Japan was closed in late April after a spike in COVID-19 cases in Japan and reopened in June.

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