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We also want this pillow! Kirby For the Nintendo Switch!

We are just before the premiere of the new adventure Kirby On the Nintendo Switch, and after the recent presentation on the Nintendo Direct, fans are very excited about the arrival of Kirby and the Forgotten LandNot just because of the way she plays, but because of her weird new ability to devour things like cars.

And it’s not just the memes that arrived, because also user newmyrac He created a case for the Nintendo Switch that has all Nintendo fans screaming: Take all my money!

Fans want this Kirby status to come true for Switch

but also This cover is unofficialAnd Nintendo and HAL Lab introduced a similar product, a backpack with the same functionality as the character in the game. The bad news is that it will be somewhat difficult to obtain, because so far this pre-sale bonus has only been announced for Hong Kong stores, as reported by a Twitter user. Akfamilyhome.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Nintendo Switch
Fans want this Kirby status to come true for Switch

Kirby and the Forgotten Land It will debut on March 25th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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