Introducing the new LEGO Super Mario Luigi's Mansion set!

LEGO has revealed a new theme that will delight all LEGO Super Mario fans, with three new expansion sets related to Nintendo’s popular video game Luigi’s Mansion. You will be able to play with King Boo, Ectochian and Mr. Marais, Toad, Boo and many other characters from the Luigi’s Mansion series.

As of January 1, 2022, check out three new collections from Luigi’s Mansion universe: Luigi’s Mansion’s Lab and Ectoblast, Luigi’s Mansion Entry, and Luigi’s Mansion’s lunted.

Discover the LEGO Super Mario collection

Obviously you will need to LEGO Super Mario Luigi Starter Pack (or Mario) to be able to take advantage of these new features and win new challenges. Spooky adventures as scary as they are fun, new immersive sound effects and outstanding music will be waiting for you for more gaming experiences.

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With Luigi’s Mansion Lab and Ectoblast Expansion, miniatures can outfit an Ectoblast, with or without Spectroflash. Simply press the mechanism to activate the Ectoblast, pick up the golden ghost and collect coins in the lab machine. You will also be able to chat with Professor K. Tastroff and enjoy his doses, being careful not to poison yourself.

Expansion At the same time, the entrance to Luigi’s Palace offers a walkthrough of the spooky mansion, the symbolic location of the video game, where you will have to find a way to defeat Mr. Marais and find his golden bone. Attention to Bo.

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Finally, in Luigi’s Mansion’s Haunted Hide-and-Seek expansion, you’ll be able to create a level to search for gems and beat ghosts, with revolving corridors to explore. Many gems are hidden on the track.

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For more creativity and excitement, it will be possible to link these three new sets as LEGO Luigi’s mansion is being built with other LEGO Super Mario sets and characters. All these new combos come with unique challenges to collect as many coins as possible!

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Pricing for these new extensions available in January 2022:

  • LEGO Super Mario (71397) Luigi’s Mansion Lab and Ectoblast expansion set for €24.99
  • LEGO Super Mario (71399) Entrance to Luigi’s Mansion Expansion Set for €39.99
  • LEGO Super Mario (71401) Luigi’s Mansion Haunted Hide and Seek Expansion Set €79.99

Discover the LEGO Super Mario collection


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