Warn of a return Joker virus, which attacks Android devices and hides itself in many apps on the Google Play Store.

This malware engages in user payment services without their permission and empties their bank accounts without notifying them.

The Troyano “Joker” virus It belongs to a family of malware known as Bread, which aims to hack cell phone bills and authorize operations without user consent.

Researchers from Quick Heal Security Lab, a cybersecurity firm Explain that this virus can enter text messages, contacts and other information on the infected smartphone.

The main recommendation for Andriod users is to check if they have any of these applications installed on their smartphones and immediately delete them, because the fact that they were deleted from the Google Play Store does not mean automatic uninstallation from the computers on which they were downloaded.

The malicious apps removed by the Google Play Store after they were found to contain the “Joker” virus are:

help message

Object Scanner

Fast Magic SMS

CamScanner is free

go messages

super message

Super SMS

travel wallpapers

Private SMS

Hummingbird PDF Converter – Image to PDF

Photo Collage Style

Talent Photo Editor – Blur focus

paper scanner

Every PDF scanner is good

care message

part message

blue scanner

direct messenger

Single Sentence Translator – Multifunctional Translator

Mint Leaf Message – Your Own Message

Unique Keyboard – Cool Fonts & Free Symbols

Tangram app lock

Desire to translate

Precision Scanner


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