FC Schalke 04: Pulls out former Jewel rip card after disappointments

FC Schalke 04: Ex-Jewel pulls the record after disappointments – and changes his life completely

11/28/2021 at 8:19 p.m.

Schalke and the Eurofighters: Winning the prestigious UEFA Cup in 1997

Schalke and the Eurofighters: Winning the prestigious UEFA Cup in 1997

The 1996/97 season saw Schalke 04 celebrate the biggest win in club history. We look back on the path to great UEFA Cup success.

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At FC Schalke04 He was considered a mega talent, but for a long time he ran behind his expectations. It should not be in Kelsenkirson.

After the final end on FC Schalke04 Followed by positions in Holland, Turkey, Scotland and Cyprus. Here too the turning point was denied. Now Tonis Avtijaz reveals: The path should take him back to the Bundesliga.

FC Schalke 04: Former mega talent with a clear goal – a lot needs to change for that

In an interview with Sportbuild, Avtijaj said, “Bundesliga is my target. He was already able to sniff the Bundesliga nine times. Then on S04 service. After Gelsenkirchen many loans and club changes continued. However, nomadic life was not perfect for a year or two.” I just felt like it could not be, “said the 25-year-old.

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Meanwhile, the former mega-talented Austrian club TSV got a job at Hartberg. Good luck to him. “Fortunately, in the summer I found a group that I trust one hundred percent, that comes with me every day and promotes my growth.” After all, his fitness is at the forefront. Among other things, he works with sports scientist Yannick Obena on his accelerator.

Hard training, healthy nutrition – all for a dream

“It’s important to find ways to take Tonis one step better every day,” Opener said. “His body weight and strength and pace ratio have grown positively. Hartberg’s sports director Eric Gorher is also pleased with the former youngster. “The songs of praise go even further:” He’s a role model this time around. For example, he’s always been one of the last people to leave the field after training, “Gorher said.

The former Schalke also works his body off the field. So he changed his diet. For some months Avtijaj’s plate has only vegetarian food. “The beginning of my diet change was not easy. However, I feel it was good for me,” he commented.

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Avtijaj: “I am in the shape of my life” – Is this enough for Bundesliga?

Everything contributes to the big goal of the Bundesliga comeback. “As a professional in my eight years, I have never felt as physically fit as I am now. I am in the shape of my life, ”says Avtijaj. “But I need to improve my performance and play a lot more good games to achieve my goal.”

Another hurdle: First a Bundesliga club must be interested in a commitment. Schalke They may prefer the more advanced version of the home-grown product. For that, Schalke must rise first.


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