Incendie au camping de l'Espiguette au Grau-du-Roi

Kart firefighters are on all fronts this Monday. There were four fires in the afternoon. Very spectacular In Grau-du-Roi, on the Espiguette camp site : Dark smoke was visible ten kilometers away. No injuries were reported, but sixty bungalows were destroyed. The other three lamps are located in Serviers, Lédenon and Blauzac.

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For servants30 to 40 hectares of forest burnt to ashes. Forty firefighters from the card are involved. Several Canadian air drops have already occurred.

In Ledenon25 hectares of underground, forest and shrubs Are burned. Several homes were guarded Monday afternoon. A stud farm with forty horses and chariots. 60 firefighters were mobilized from the card, and reinforcements from Vogluse.

In Bluesak, 15 hectares became smoky. Several hundred people are threatened. Eight fire engines are involved, with thirty firefighters from the card. Canada drops were going on after 5 p.m. A command helicopter is being inspected to coordinate all current operations. Reinforcement of neighboring sectors has been requested.

This fire did not come under control And the safety of the population and housing is a priority. All SDIS 30 emergency centers deal with this difficult situation, provide “daily” relief, and refer firefighters. Due to particularly hot weather, SDIS 30 forest fire prevention measures have been put in place by the department. This expectation made it possible to allocate these resources to these functions very quickly.

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The proliferation of departures in a very short period of time makes the relief operation difficult. Card firefighters are urging residents not to go there And be convenient to cross all avenues for assistance. During this dangerous period, the Guardian firefighters are reminded of the utmost vigilance and due respect for the proper prohibition of the use of fire and the preventive measures associated with the risk of wildfires.


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