Free UNAM Spelling Improvement Course
The course is open to the general public (Photo: Aprendo más platform, UNAM)

National Autonomous University of Mexico (One) enable a Free course to improve Spelling rules And identify the main rules in Spanish.

The course is called Spelling for beginners Available through the platform I’m learning morelasting about 20 hours, and consists of four modules designed with explanations to help understand how to apply the techniques. Spelling rules.

It was developed by educator Alma Rosa Diaz de la Vega in conjunction with graduate student Veronica del Carmen Quejada of the Graduate School of Education (Axe) Acatlan To address all the subjects, they recommended to study for 1-2 hours per day, within the activities there are a variety of examples such as A guide to understanding viewing topics.

What topics are covered in the course?

(Photo: Learn More platform, UNAM)
(Photo: Learn More platform, UNAM)

* Within the first unit to be called write the letters well Covers topics about what the spelling is, the use of uppercase and lowercase letters, the use of the letters B, V, C, S, Z, J, G, H, R, Digraphs, and also writing Roman ordinal numbers abbreviations And the abbreviations.

* The second unit is called ewrite the words wellconsists of syllabic division topics, syllabaries, thirds, and accents, whether they are spelling, figurative, or affirmative, and an activity to write better as well as a self-assessment exercise on accents.

* Within the third unit, which is spell the sentence It consists of themes of spelling marks, dots, dashes and rating punctuation marks Whether it’s a comma, semicolon, colon, parentheses, quotes, apostrophe, exclamation point, question marks, as well as activities and self-assessment

On the podium, they recommended dedicating at least one hour per day to studying (Image: UNAM)
On the podium, they recommended dedicating at least one hour per day to studying (Image: UNAM)

*During the fourth unit is called Satire in social networks Topics such as the Internet in the world, the most spoken language on the Internet, about the most used spelling on the Internet in Mexico, the most used in digital communication, It contains a section called Try to write in EnglishAnd the Abuse or misuse of uppercase and lowercase letters, substitution of letters for others due to fashion writing, resumption of the use of question marks and exclamation points, acronyms and conclusion, as well as the activity called campaign to write better and final exam.

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During the course there is a forum so that students can connect with my other colleagues who are also studying my spelling, in order to exchange opinionsShare their activities, comment on them, express doubts.

Also on the platform, they highlight that doubts or technical issues are not addressed in the forums and if you have, you can write to the email [email protected].

Steps to register for a spelling course

* You must login to the platform Learn more at

* If this is the first time you use the platform, you must register with the data requested by the system, such as email, the country you live in, create a user name And the The password.

* Then start the session, at the top there is a search option in which you must type Spelling for beginners and click.

* There is a section where it says Enter, Once selected, you will be able to see the introduction to the course and start the lessons.

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