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Month October It starts and is full of surprises for note lovers astronomical،, where many impressive events will occur this month, such as meteor showers or the peak passing in Sol, known as “A Day Without Shadow”.

The ephemeris of the Peruvian Institute of Geophysics (IGP) indicates that on October 9, Venus will continue to appear during sunset, this time near the moon.

Similarly, Jupiter and Saturn can be seen at night for several hours.

Photo: IGP

MIRA: ALeRCE, the Chilean astronomer project that will examine the sky and its mysteries with artificial intelligence

On the other hand, October will give us the opportunity to see meteor showers if you are in an area with clear skies. From October 2 to November 7, the Orionids, produced by the remnants of Halley’s Comet, cross the Earth’s atmosphere.

The same will happen with the Draconid meteor shower, fragments separated from Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner.

Photo: IGP
Photo: IGP

Both events happen every year, with the night of October 20-21, from midnight to dawn, being the busiest evening for the Orionids. The brightness of the full moon that night will make observations difficult.

For their part, the Draconids change density every year, and the time of their greatest activity will be the night of October 8-9, although in our country it will be very difficult to observe them, since their radiance point in the sky will be no higher than the horizon.

Photo: IGP
Photo: IGP

Finally, we have a “day without shadows”, in which it is possible to observe the passage of the zenith of the Sun, which occurs when our great star is located in the upper part of the sky, almost above the observer’s head.

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This phenomenon appears in our country only twice a year, for a period of a few minutes, when people and buildings do not cast any side shadows near noon during a sunny day.

Photo: IGP
Photo: IGP

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