Goodbye to bisphenol A in packaging and various consumables: the European Union launches the campaign at the end of the year.  “Risks to human health”

The European Union imposes sanctions on Bisphenol A. European Union countries agreed to the Commission’s proposal to ban the use of the chemical in packaging such as the lining of metal cans, from which it can migrate in small quantities into foods and drinks and pose a risk to human health. For the entrance […]

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Close on Bisphenol A By the European Union. The European Union countries have agreed to this proposal commission to To prevent The use of the chemical in packaging, such as the lining of metal cans, from which small amounts can migrate into foods And in drinks Coming to pose a risk to human health. However, we will have to wait a few more months for the suspension to take effect.

Bisphenol A is endocrine disorder, able to changeHormonal balance It leads to “potentially harmful effects on immune systemIt is widely used in the production of plastics and resins, and is transferable to foods and beverages, especially if the materials… Consists or is exposed to it High temperaturesWhich prompted the European Union to stop its use in Consumable items Such as reusable plastic bottles, water coolers or other kitchen utensils, and in fact Packaging.

The decision, which according to the Community Executive derives from an assessment carried out by the European Union Food Safety Authority (EFSA), does not come suddenly because the intention to put it into effect had already been announced last February. The ban will come into effect on End of 2024. In this transitional period there will be the possibility to do “Exceptions LimitedIf safe alternatives are not available.

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