“Pack your star”
Gill Afrim experiences anti-Semitism in Leipzig

Gill wants to go to the Leipzig Hotel that evening. But it should not come, because he wears a chain around his neck with the star of David. In a video on social media, the composer was shocked about the anti-Semitic incident.

Musician Gill Afrim is currently visiting Leipzig. As he is now revealing himself in a clip on Instagram, he was insulted anti-Semitically at a hotel last night. The 39-year-old was overwhelmed by the events.

Oparim struggled with tears during the two-minute video. According to him, this is seen in the context of “The West’s Leapfrog”. Afrim wears a chain with the star David around his neck, which plays a key role in his statement. Although he did not give the manager’s full name at the reception, he did say “Mr. W.” Reports on Yin’s behavior.

First, there was a long queue at the reception due to a computer glitch. It can happen, it’s absolutely okay, as Afarim insists. But again and again people want him even though it’s his turn. When he asked Mr. W. why this was happening, he said the snake should be straightened. A statement that Ofarim is not entirely reliable, but the real shock will come after a while.

Check-in is only possible without the David star

“Someone calls from the corner: ‘Pack your star,'” says the former “Lens Dance” winner with Jewish roots. Then Mr. W. David told him to pack the star, then he could check. In this video, Gill Afrim fights tears. It is not entirely clear whether he was sitting in front of the hotel because he did not do exactly that and refused to deny his appearance. But he writes in the text of the video: “Why? Have we not learned anything from the past? I’m not talking! This is not the first time, but sometimes it’s enough …”

The Munich-born singer, who hails from his father Abi Afrim Tel Aviv, has already spoken in the past about the anti-Semitic attacks he must experience. During the talk show “Heart Fair Fair” in 2018 he talked about “swastikas on my school desk” or bags of dog waste in the mailbox. A classmate once said: “Did you know that Dachau is not far from here?” Thus it is mentioned in the concentration camp there.

In his post, Gill Afrim thanked colleagues such as Janet Peterman and Gregor Mail for standing by him in this difficult situation that evening. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The hotel spokesman expressed concern

When asked by Ntv.de, a spokesman for the hotel responded: “We are concerned about this report. We take this matter very seriously. We will do everything we can to contact Mr. Afarim when we investigate what happened here.” The purpose is to ensure that guests and staff are treated and treated as “integrated, respectful and supportive, regardless of their religion”.

The Central Council of Jews is now commenting on the events and revealing itself In his related tweet More terrified. “” The anti-Semitism against Gil Afrim is terrible. You can count on Westin to make the decisions of the staff. I hope we will meet in unity when we are attacked in the future, “said President Joseph Schuster.

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