If you want to know if your pet looks like a painting, illustration, or some kind of famous artwork, you can use the new camera mode in Google Arts & Culture.

With just one photo, you can find different similarities with your pet and share the results on social networks.

Google Arts & Culture has a new camera mode to use with your pet

Among the attractions that we find in the application Google Arts and Culture Is the possibility of having different functions of the camera. This allows you to use different filters to move through the artwork from a different perspective.

For example, we have the Art Filter that allows us to experiment with different filters from antiques and famous works, or Art Transfer, which turns a selfie into a work of art. And if you are curious to know if you look like a famous selfie, you can upload your selfie to test the filters suggested by Art Selfie. Similar dynamic to the one you’ll find with the latest app update.

Google Arts & Culture adds a new camera function that allows you to upload a photo of your pet for comparison with artwork from international museums.

Travel through the artworks and find out which one your pet looks like. This new experimental feature uses computer vision technology to compare your pet’s photo with thousands of historical artworks.

This new camera mode is called Pet Portraits, and you’ll find it by tapping on the camera icon when you open the app. Once you select this option, you will see that the app tells you to take a picture of your pet or upload one from the mobile gallery.

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And then you just have to wait for Google to use its AI to show you the works that look like your pet. You will see that it will show you different results that determine the percentage of similarity with your pet.

Google Arts & Culture creates a collage with each of the results, so you can share this duo of your pet along with the artwork on social networks. And of course, you can also download the image to your device.

If you still don’t see this camera mode in Google Arts & Culture app, don’t worry, just wait for it to update to the latest version.


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