Screenshot of a highway in GTA V seen in GTA GeoGuesser.

Grand Theft Auto Online is an old game, released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in 2013. Since then many people (including me) have continued to play GTA Online and after nearly a decade of loitering in the same virtual world. Save the map mostly. It’s not very useful outside of GTA Online, yet! Thanks to GTA Geo Guesser, I can use my worthless knowledge of the GTA V map in a different game. The future is not that bad.

GTA GeoGuesser works just like the original GeoGuesser browser game it’s based on. The game starts and then it is placed somewhere on the GTA map. Using screenshots from the game, you are trying to determine your location. Depending on the difficulty you have selected, you can move the camera and browse the area. In the more difficult difficulties, you have a countdown before you have to guess.

You can watch GTA Speedrunner DarkViperAU play GTA GeoGuesser to see the free build in action:

During my time in the game, I was shocked at how quickly I was able to guess where I based it on the little things like trees near a fence or an exit ramp near train tracks. I thought I was very familiar with the GTA Online map after all these years, but actually seeing how my brain stored all this information was a bit scary. You may have played a lot of GTA Online at this point.

The original GeoGuesser that inspired this GTA version has been around for years. It recently exploded in popularity thanks to a fast and brutal race by someone at the last SGDQ. I didn’t even know there were people out there running GeoGuesser so fast. But they exist and they are very good at it.

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But if, like me, you don’t travel much and spend many hours roaming the virtual streets of GTA Online, then I recommend you to try GTA GeoGuesser. It’s free, you don’t need an account and it’s great.

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