The creation of the new graphics card should come earlier than expected

So far, it’s been assumed in the hardware rumor mill that Nvidia’s new RTX 4000 graphics cards won’t be available until early fall. However, an insider says that PC gamers will get their hands on graphics accelerators much earlier.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 already in July?

Several months after the graphics card crunch, the prices of graphic accelerators are slowly starting to drop again. Is it time to release the next generation GPU? Very possible.

Often kopite7kimi hardware insider already predicted in the summer of last year that New Nvidia graphics cards are coming a little earlier than expected It is now working on narrowing the time frame for the starting snapshot.

It is assumed that Nvidia will not only make its models available in the fall, but will instead take that step in the early third quarter of 2022.

The insider does not give an exact date, but in fact only this wording appears July or first half of August 2022 eligible for release.

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How realistic is Nvidia’s early start?

Although kopite7kimi has a good reputation in the hardware scene when it comes to leaks and advanced information, we assume that That insider would not be right in this case.

Although Nvidia will likely also use Lovelace’s 5nm TSMC manufacturing process and may be able to avoid some bottlenecks with it, the company still has to be able to make the graphics cards The scarcity of other hardware components can be slowed down. In addition, Nvidia has not yet begun marketing its machines for the next GPU generation, which is also speaking against a release in just two months.

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Instead, we expect to announce the new graphics cards in the late summer of 2022 and a few weeks later They will find their way to online stores in early fall of the same year. It remains to be seen if Nvidia and its official partners will have enough time to produce enough graphics cards by then. It’s quite possible that the next graphics crunch will be upon us after the launch of the RTX 4000.


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