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Will the government follow the recommendations of the Supreme Health Authority? In a notice posted Friday, July 9, the foundation calls for immediate consideration of the vaccination obligation for all professionals who come into contact with people at risk to deal with the delta variant of the coronavirus.

She also considers that “it is necessary to start thinking now about extending this vaccination obligation in the general population so that we can make this decision in a timely manner if necessary.” “

In order to more effectively prevent severe forms of Covid-19 and reduce virus transmission, HAS also recommends the use of mRNA vaccines (Pfizer or Moderna) “which have the best level of efficacy to prevent not only severe and symptomatic forms but also against transmission”

Retreat ? To get immunized completely faster, the World Health Assembly also recommends reducing the interval between two doses of the vaccine to the minimum recommended time, three to four weeks.

The Supreme Health Authority confirms that the emergence of the delta variant raises fears of a deterioration of the health situation in the coming weeks, and a significant recovery is already observed in the number of detected cases. “To reduce the severity of the new wave due to the circulation of this alternative, there is only one solution: vaccinate as often and as quickly as possible,” she insists.

According to Health Minister Olivier Veran, the delta variant of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which is responsible for Covid, is likely to be the majority as of this weekend in new infections in France.

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