Homemade Tzatziki Sauce, in Just 2 Minutes Bring Greece to your table: Travel while staying at home
Tzatziki sauce – Ifood.it (Photo by Canva)

How do you make good tzatziki sauce? In a simple and quick way, it is ready in just two minutes.

It is considered A classic of Greek cuisineBut the whole world knows its quality and freshness of its ingredients very much They are often found in tables, Especially to add flavor to second courses and side dishes. In fact, it is generally used Accompaniment to meat and fish dishes, side dishes and salads. It makes it even tastier than it already is.

And think about it up to Some time ago, tzatziki sauce was simply viewed as something to eat with bread to fill the stomach and above all to refresh the palate. From the heat. This is because tzatziki is something very new It does not require any kind of cookingRather, it requires storing it in the refrigerator, specifically to ensure a certain freshness.

Today, anyone who tastes it immediately finds himself on a beautiful island in Greece or directly in AthensHowever, it is unclear whether its origins are actually Greek. According to some theories, they could be Turks or even Indians, due to the tzatziki It appears to be very similar to Indian raita.

But how is this refreshing delight prepared? And what ingredients should you use to enjoy it?

Many ingredients, but very easy to find and work with

It is very easy to prepare tzatziki sauce The ingredients required to make them are different. They are exactly Seven They can all be found in the refrigerator, pantry, or regular supermarket.

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these These are Greek yogurt (250 grams are needed), cucumber, lemon peel (enough for one lemon), oil (a few tablespoons are enough), apple cider vinegar (at least a teaspoon is needed), salt, and finally garlic. (At least one clove is required). Once you get it back, here’s how to process it.

Tzatziki sauce – Ifood.it (Photo by Canva)

Ready in just 2 minutes

Here’s how to make a good tzatziki sauce. Firstly Grate the cucumber, then put the mixture in a clothTo deprive it of excess juice and get Harissa is combined with Greek yogurt, lemon peel, salt, garlic and apple juice.

everyone With the aim of obtaining a fresh and delicious sauceTo enjoy it alone with bread or with other dishes such as meat, salads or vegetables.


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