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there Swiss, Although it is not a very large country, it hides in its territory many natural, historical and architectural gems that are worth knowing. One of them is Spyz, A town that dazzles the visitor with its elegance, history, and poetic atmosphere, embraced by a light that interests everyone.

Where is Spiez located?

Located in the canton of Bern, in the Oberland region, Spiez develops among vineyards and hills, while its profile overlooks the tranquil and beautiful Lake Thun, a small village with, what many believe, an exceptional location. Be the The most beautiful bay in Europe.

An ideal destination in any season of the year due to the wide range of experiences it offers, it is also an excellent starting point for exploring the wonderful surroundings, perhaps via hiking and cycling trails, or towards the nearby cities of Thun and Interlaken.

what are you expecting

The picturesque location of Spiez alone is worth a visit, but when the visitor arrives he is dazzled by the cheerful atmosphere, enriched by the presence of a castle that seems stolen from the most beautiful fairy tale they have ever written.

Spiez is a reality that will satisfy those looking for the most pure relaxation, but also those who want to enjoy outdoor experiences, including seasonal sports that are all present and perfectly organized here.

what do you see

There is no doubt that the symbol of this distinctive village is AOld castleBut the truth is that it is such a magnificent structure that it deserves a paragraph of its own.

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In addition to the palace, there are many small but interesting things to see, starting with the historic center dating back to the Middle Ages. The Gulf of Spiez is breathtaking in the truest sense of the word, which, in addition to being naturally formed, serves as a harbour.

This means that another unmissable activity in Spiez is to take a boat ride around this wonderful bay which, thanks to the also moderate climate compared to the rest of the region, fascinates everyone (but check based on the weather and the period in which you are visiting).

In fact, there are several scheduled boats available to visitors, including a historic steamboat BlomlisalpWhich connects many points of interest around the lake. While in the warmer months, from May to October, it is there Spizer ZugleyA rubber-tired train leads to the discovery of this luxurious bay.

A little gem for football lovers: in the city of SpiezBelvedere Hotel It is a place particularly loved by the German people: their national team stayed here during the 1954 FIFA World Cup, which Germany won.

In this regard, we are talking about the soul Ihsan Spiz Because on July 4th, Germany beat Hungary, the World Cup favorites at the time, in the final in front of 60,000 spectators. Wankdorf Stadium in Bern. In fact, the winning tactic of coach, Sepp Herberger, is said to have been specifically designed on Lake Spiez. It is no coincidence that even today, near the park that runs along the lake, many signs are installed reminding us of this strange story.

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Spiez Castle

Brilliant Spiez Castle It allows you to experience the Middle Ages firsthand, breathe in this atmosphere, and feel a part of the glories that characterized those times. It is located on a hill on a peninsula in Lake Thun, and together with its church is a cultural monument of national value.

The museum inside allows you to go back in time, which we told you about before, a journey that brings 1,300 years of local history to life.

The traveler is also amazed by the Roman-style religious building filled with frescoes. Then the exterior of the palace with its elegant garden, rose garden and garden that will leave anyone enchanted.

During the Middle Ages, Spiez Castle was remodeled and expanded several times, and today it features typical Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural elements. Its beautiful The tower which is actually the oldest part as well -Visible today- of the castle itself.

Inside, the traveler can admire the decorated and furnished rooms, such as the Baroque banquet hall and the Renaissance room filled with wood panels.

The small Romanesque church instead has three naves and is recognized as One of the oldest buildings in Switzerland. Its interior walls as well as its ceiling surprise with numerous frescoes dating back to the 12th century. Then there is a balcony that provides the most beautiful and amazing view of the city. In addition, there is also History Museum Which traces the stages of control of the three families that owned it.

What to do nearby

During the colder months, Spiez proves to be a great starting point for those who love winter sports: in a short time it is possible to reach many places in…Bernese Oberland.

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Thrill seekers cannot fail to stop by Sigriswil Suspension Bridge Which was built on the so-called “rubber strait” between Eschlin and Sigriswil. It is 180 meters high and 340 meters long, and can be walked by adults and children while surrounded by a delightful panoramic view of Lake Thun and the Bernese Alps.

Among all the peaks it deserves admiration Nissin Which reaches an altitude of 2362 meters above sea level. It is considered the local mountain of Spiez, and due to its strange shape, it is known as ““Alpine pyramid”An ideal summit for hiking lovers.

Finally, we advise you to stop by Beatos Caves Which extends for about 14 kilometers. Of these, only 1 km can be visited, but this small space contains many interesting rock formations, which are highlighted by particularly innovative lighting. And if you haven’t had enough, know that next to the cave comes a modern museum where there are often many interactive exhibits.

All that’s left is a reservation Your stay in the beautiful city of Spiez.


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