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Troublesome situation, which comes straight from United States of AmericaWhere there is a high school Editing of 80 photos from the school yearbook Without the consent of the parties involved. Reason? They wanted to censor how they felt. “Does not comply with the dress codeEverything happened in Florida, Ala Bartram Trail High SchoolWhere students and parents denounce the discontent with the initiative of the institute.

“I think it sends a message that our girls should be ashamed of their growing bodies, and I think it is. Shocking message to send to these girls Who are going through the changes, “he comments Adrian Bartlett, Mother of one of the “retouched” students Al Record. To understand each other, the daughter’s image has been modified Adding clothes That covered her chest and shoulders. Stuff from the Middle Ages.

By the way, the revisions are of low quality, clear and vulgar. “There is a black shape on my chest And the jacket on her side looks upside down and looks really embarrassing and I was confused. ” Riley O’KeefeStudent, call her News4Jax.

For its part, the school stated that it reserved the ability to revise the images to exclude them from the yearbook.Shots off slateA district spokesperson noted, “Dress code guidelines are in our student code of conduct, but dress code applies It occurs at the school level and varies from department to department“.

By the way, the yearbook was concerned at the time It sold for $ 100 Per copy. Last spring, there was already talk of a dress code imposed by the institution itself: parents rebelled against the administration, arguing that the law was punitive against girls.

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