“Illicit financing in 2022.” Paris prosecutors open investigation into Marine Le Pen

While in France Uncertainty remains over who will take over the country after the second round of legislative elections, and the Paris prosecutor's office has taken action against National GatheringA judicial investigation was opened on Tuesday, July 2, to shed light on the alleged suspects. Illicit financing From Marine Le Pen's campaign during the 2022 presidential election.

The news was published by the broadcaster. BftTvThe decision was made after a preliminary investigation and a report was prepared in 2023 by National Commission on Campaign Accounting and Political Finance (Cnccfp) is the body that supervises Spending limit which the law imposes on candidates during elections. According to the Paris prosecutor's office, the document would have highlighted some violations, such as “Loan from a legal entity to a candidate during an election campaign, acceptance by a candidate during an election campaign of a loan from a legal entity, misappropriation Property by persons holding public office, and fraud committed against a public body, forgery and use of counterfeit productsNo details have been provided about the nature of the suspects yet.

Marine Le Pen had invested almost 11.5 million Euro in the 2022 presidential campaign, his third, at the end of which Emmanuel Macron was re-elected with 58.55% of the vote. In addition to the investigation National Gathering It also lost one of its most important figures. On Tuesday, July 9, he resigned. Gil Pennellthe party's general manager and the main architect of the “Matignon Plan” which was supposed to provide all the logistics in the event of early elections.

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Meanwhile, discussions have begun between the various parties in the National Assembly to reach a new government formation. On Monday, July 8, the head of the Al-Wasat Party modem François Bayrou has proposed an agreement that would go from the left without France is unbearable To the right without Rn.There is no majority, we are in a situation where there is no winner.“The politician who was speaking on Tf1 announced,”In order to build a majority, MPs will then have to find an understanding that works together for the good of the country.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin also ruled out any possibility of forming a government or supporting a coalition with the formation led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon and proposed an alliance with the People's Party. Socialists.


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