En soutien d’Éric Dupond-Moretti, deux députés quittent la Cour de justice de la République

The Minister of Justice, suspected of a conflict of interest, was summoned to the CJR on Friday on a charge – the first of its kind for an incumbent minister.

Mr. Dupont-Moretti is suspected of using his duties as a minister to settle accounts in cases involving a lawyer, and ordered an administrative hearing on several judges, including three in the National Financial Advocate’s Office (PNF).

To Nma Moutzou, LRM MP for Wall-de-Ois, and professional lawyer, “ The unquestionable desire of a few judges to reduce political incapacity raises questions about the holder of stamps disqualified from appointment .

“Justice seems”

« This is because he is resigning if he aims to get the current Minister of Inquiry’s indictment to target Eric Dupont-Moretti, who has been accused of “conflicts of interest”, as some judges have unequivocally declared, setting up an illegal counter-force because », He wrote A site in the Journal to Diamond, CJR’s title refers to his resignation as a judge. Participate in this unity of justice .

Ms. Moutzou graduates ” The principle of efficient accountability of judges “Because according to her” The independence of the judiciary also implies accountability .

On Monday, the LR deputy for the keynote address of Wal-de-Ois Antoine, a lawyer by profession, resigned from his duties as deputy judge in the CJR because he did not want to. ” Be exploited by those who desire to use their power to pursue more personal or corporate motives .

“Unprecedented attack on executive power”

« When the Magistrate Trade Unions lodged a complaint with the CJR against the Minister “Is” Preceded by a tribunal in the national press Signed by two high-ranking French judges, We can only wonder about the independence of the judiciary and its impartiality “, He charged in a press release. ” These judges are carrying out an unprecedented attack on the executive, and generally on the balance of our institutions. 2, Ratings Mr. Savignot.

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For his part, Mr. who was appointed a year ago. DuPont-Moretti repeats that he is Very quiet .


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