In the nuclear field, France offers its “alliance”: “The European Union is pressing on the atom.”  Italy is absent, but the deputy minister flirts with Paris: “Interesting”

Vania Gava’s note: “I confirmed that Italy pays close attention to this strategic choice, which is an integral part of our electoral programme. Unfortunately – he concluded – the evil choices of the past have put us in a position to chase the future, but we are there to do it, even against the wiles of some bureaucracy “

on a table Macron to nuclear Italy is not there, but it is as if it is there. The facts, one by one: France offers A Stockholm Its “alliance for the atom” with 10 other countries heralds the existence of a actor Rome, Ministry Pique Fratin Negates. Then it happens that the Deputy Minister of the Northern League java Go to Sweden (still there Energy Affairs Council), does not preside over the meeting in question, but once completed, meets with the owner energy transmission From outside the alps and practically confirm the government’s intention to be part of project Parisian. Which begins with these words: “Ensuring the best of chain synergies supply And exploring training programs and joint industrial projects on nuclear energy. This is what we read in the joint statement issued at the end of the meeting that was held this morning in the Swedish capital on the sidelines Energy Affairs Council. As mentioned, Italy was initially presented among the participants in the meeting, but it was not present at the table, as expected after a memorandum from the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security. But Rome’s place is already ready: “TheItaly She is always welcome, but stay in Government It was decided, ”explained the French government sources.

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Vanya Java Note – In this sense, it is no mystery that the Italian government has already decided. Further confirmation comes from the lyrics Deputy Minister Northern League supporter Vanya Gava signed a symbolic note in the morning: “On nuclear developments New generation On the sidelines of the European Energy Council in Stockholm, I had an interesting conversation with my French colleague Agnes Banier Rancher. The idea of ​​a coalition of countries that already use nuclear energy as an energy source Carbon removal – explained the deputy minister, – it’s interesting. I emphasized that Italy pays close attention to this strategic choice, which is an integral part of our software electoral. Unfortunately – and concluded – Wicked choices from the past They put us in a position to chase the future, but we will make it. Even against the tricks of some bureaucracies.

What the alliance offers – It was initially introduced by French Like a meeting with thirteen countries, the first meeting of countries in favor of strengthening cooperation in the field of atomic energy witnessed the participation of eleven delegations. In addition to France, Meadows, Bulgaria, Croatiahungary, FinlandNetherlands, Poland, Czech RepublicRomania Slovakia and Slovenia. there Sweden And Italy, as mentioned, had been declared by Paris among the participants. Stockholm He was present as the rotating president of the European Union, and neutral, and therefore did not sign the declaration. “We are preparing a bilateral program of work with Sweden, because the development of nuclear energy production in the United States Plan “We are preparing a memorandum of understanding,” said sources at the Ministry of Environmental Transformation in Paris. As for Italy, she was “invited, but the decision is hers.” In all this, France is promoting an “open group” that will continue to meet “at the next Energy Council” with an idea Throw Working groups on specific topics.

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