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shredded milk announced that SacriFire latest releasemy son J-RPG Inspired by games of the same genre from the 90s From 2022 to 2023. It will be released first on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG) and then on consoles (Nintendo Switchand PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and Xbox One). The first trailer for the game was also released. Note that the game is developed by Pixelated Milk to which we owe the games Regalia: Of men and kings and others Warsaw It aims to Respect, but also to get rid of the stereotypes of classic RPGs.

SacriFire, a Japanese-inspired RPG set in ’90s sauce with a soundtrack by the legendary Motoi Sakuraba

Although little is still known about the history of SacriFire, we know that it will take time Travel between two worlds : a sprawling underground cityAntioch sThe perfect paradise for the souls of Erebus In a world that includes elements of fantasy and science fiction. The game will feature dynamic combat with a combat engine Mixing turn-based combat and real-time combat.

Fight side by side with comradeschoose from a many soldiersTarget specific parts of your enemies’ bodies and launch chain attacks together Create groups Put all accompanied by Graphics that combine pixel art and 3D For a retro style effect with next-generation digital effects. The hand drawn characters and others Music by G4F and the legendary Motoi Sakuraba, to whom we owe many of the music compositions for the video game soundtracks, including a large portion of Tales of, but also Star Ocean, Golden Sun, Baten Kaitos, Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Dark Souls, Valkyrie Profile, Resonance of Fate and Eternal Sonata, Beyond the Labyrinth, Half-Minute Hero, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Existing Archives, Dragon Star Varnir, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, Fantasy Earth: Zero, Higurashi when they cry Mei, Another Eden, COGEN: Sword of Rewind and Eiyuden Chronicle: One Hundred Heroes. We note that The voices of the characters will be dubbing by the actors professionals.

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