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Wednesday December 1, 2021 – 12:00 AM

Katie Kaisedou needs votes to compete in national costumes

Panama has two actors vying for the crown of two international championships that are already underway. Katie Caicedo co-stars with Miss Grand International and Brenda Smith, in Miss Universe.

This Saturday, Kaiseido will compete for the title at the DC Hall Show, located in Bangkok, Thailand, with candidates from 58 countries. He stood out yesterday in the national costume competition, created by designers Jose Paredes and Jorge Velazquez.

Katie needs the support of her citizens, since voting is open so that her dress can enter the so-called Top 20. To choose a Panamanian outfit, you can do it on Miss Grand International’s Facebook or Instagram account, an opportunity she will do until tomorrow at 12:00 (Thailand time).

‘Happy and grateful, I’m surprised.’ “Thank you for letting me wear this amazing design on behalf of Panama,” said Kaisedou.

From Thailand we go to Israel, where Miss Panama, Branda Smith, announced that the quarantine was over, and therefore officially began her activities in the Miss Universe.

The camel celebrated its bicentennial, in welcome from the Panamanians in that nation.

Everything is ready for the crowning of her successor, Andrea Mesa, on Saturday 13th December.

I couldn’t have imagined anything better for our bicentennial, Brenda

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