Joe Musgrove makes the history of Padres


The San Diego Padres has ceased to be the only major league team without a double zero in the major league. Now thanks Joe Musgrove, They are the last team in their history to achieve it Unsuccessful win. Overpowered Rangers de Texas At the Globe Life Field in Arlington.

Musgrove outlet It included 10 hits and just one rule, with a ball in the fourth game, cutting Badrice’s streak. Of the regular season matches without hitter, with 8,206 games played.

It’s amazing to have a Padres costume. Musgrove, who has never fired a hitter at any level, said, “It’s the first in the history of the franchise, it’s unbelievable.

Musgrove, 28 years old He retired the first 11 Rangers in the ranking, then allowed a punch to Joey Gallo, With which he reached base, and pulled out the next 16.

Started The ninth floor with 103 stadiums, And it’s the number of stadium that makes it very difficult for the major league shooter to keep promoting.

David Dahl hit a streak that was sacked by Jake Kronwort. Lyudi Taveras shocked the vault by Isaiah Kenner Valiva by Hosong Kim, who temporarily replaced the injured Fernando Tatis Jr.. In the shortstop and worked to complete no hitter.

“There were various scenarios in which I thought no hitter had lost it,” Musgrove said.

Musgrove, from He grew up in El Cajon, California, about 25 miles from San Diego and is in his sixth season in majors. He previously featured with Houston (2016-17) and Pittsburgh (2018-20) and has never played a full match in his first 84 matches.

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