Lady Diana, opening statue with William and Harry-

Harry arrived just 15 minutes before the party started. Then the two brothers walked hand in hand, Kensington Park Street renovated especially for their anniversary and together They removed the green cloth that was covering the statue of Diana, an actress embracing a boy and a girl: she was the “People’s Princess”. It was requested by William and Harry in 2017, hoping it would inspire visitors to the famous palace where the Princess of Wales lived “to reflect on her life and legacy”.

But 2017 feels like a long time ago: Back then the two brothers were close and close, living in two different wings in Kensington Palace, and sharing commitments and good causes. Harry had just started dating an American actress named Meghan Markle.
Then it all happened: Harry and Meghan got married, within a year left London, the royal family with an exciting and unexpected farewell and built their lives with two children in the United States.
But from California they kept doing it Heavy Broadside Throw Against the royal family through interviews, podcasts and statements.

Thus, what was supposed to be a grand and honest party just became a party An event marked as “Private” From the court ceremony in which the brothers attended the minimum required in the program. They were seen talking, but it took minutes. They have very few close friends: the brother and two sisters of Mrs. D.

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According to the tabloid daily MailHowever, there could have been evidence of a thaw between the two brothers: two days before they would begin to exchange messages in chatting after the great victory of England over Germany, and sources close to Count Spencer, Diana’s brother, assure that the memory of their mother will bring them together again.

Earl Spencer in the middle between Harry and William (AFP)
Earl Spencer in the middle between Harry and William (AFP)

Whatever happens between the two brothers and between their families, Cambridge and Sussex, nothing detracts from the love of a large part of Britons for Diana and her memory. Indeed, since the early hours of this morning, dozens of Mrs. D loyalists have stationed themselves in front of the gates of Kensington Palace, bearing portraits, flowers, and other tributes to the unforgettable “People’s Princess”.

Statue of Lady Diana, opening, William and Harry: The news

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