Less than 450 euros for a 43-inch QLED TV

With its atypical design and functionality, Samsung’s Frame collection always makes an impact. Prices have fallen during the sale especially for this 43-inch model which ranges from €1090 to €638 via ODR.

Samsung The Frame: Less than 450 euros for this 43-inch QLED TV

By creating and betting on QLED TVs, Samsung had to find a way to stand out from LG’s popular OLED screens, which are more technologically advanced. The Frame collection was born from this idea as well as the desire to make television a work of art in its own right. During the sale period, we can find the 2021 model in a 43-inch version for 450 euros less on the Ubaldi website.

A quick glimpse at The Frame from Samsung

  • interior design
  • 43 inch 4K QLED panel
  • Compatible with HDR 10+ and HDR HLG

During sales, Samsung The Frame QE43LS03A TV is shown on 638 euros on the Ubaldi website with ODR worth 100 EUR.

A TV to display proudly in your living room

If you don’t want a dull TV screen, Samsung’s The Frame line is clearly a good place to go. It was believed that this model would be proudly displayed as a masterpiece in the living room or in a dedicated space. It has a clean design and reminds of its borders with a real painting. This illusion is clearly perfect, especially when the TV sleeps with a display of the thousands of artworks available in the art store. Obviously, you can also display your own content or personal photos there like a digital frame, but in a much better way. To save energy, the TV is designed to turn off automatically when no one is in the room thanks to the motion sensor. Everything has been thought in this direction with the contribution of the One Connect box in particular which makes it possible to relay connections and have only one cable going through both the current and the video.

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Solid data sheet for mainly video display

Obviously, Samsung is committed, The Frame offers very good image quality thanks to its 43-inch QLED panel. The latter has 4K UHD definition with HDR10+ and HDR HLG compatibility. It’s certainly not quite OLED, but Samsung’s QLED TV still offers very nice contrasts and brightness to display natural colors. Add to that a powerful Quantum Processor 4K that will transform and enhance all your 4K UHD content. Be warned, however, that The Frame is designed above all to display video content and still images, and its features are not designed for gamers, as the screen is limited to 50Hz and Freesync technology is not available.

Fortunately, TizenOS is fully integrated, with many video applications. There’s also Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby compatibility to control everything by voice.

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