Lifetime Nintendo Switch Sales Pass PS4 in the US

The Nintendo Switch has officially passed the PlayStation 4 in sales in the United States. Needless to say, the Nintendo Switch and PS4 were the biggest gaming consoles of the past decade, with major franchises like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Mario, Zelda, and many others thriving on their respective platforms. The PlayStation 4 gained a huge advantage over the Xbox One in 2013 after the latter had a sombre revelation, which worried many about the future of Microsoft’s console. Although a lot of this was reversed prior to launch, Xbox spent most of the generation making up for its mistakes and since then has made significant progress with things like Xbox Game Pass. However, PS4 remained by and large the dominant console.

The Nintendo Switch is now well ahead of the race, just five years after its initial launch, even though the PS4 has a massive four-year lead. According to the latest NPD reportThe Nintendo Switch is now the fourth best-selling console in the US after PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii. It is now the sixth highest selling console of all time. Although Sony’s current console is now a PlayStation 5, the platform holder has reportedly started ramping up production on the PlayStation 4 to make up for the inability to produce more PS5 at the moment due to partial shortages. Analysts expected Nintendo to release a new console by 2024, but the Nintendo Switch has already performed strongly and shows no signs of slowing down, especially with a sequel to the same wild on my way. Nintendo has yet to announce its plans for the next console, but some have speculated that it might just be a more aggressive review of the Nintendo Switch.

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It’s not incredibly surprising to see the Nintendo Switch dominate because it’s an incredibly versatile piece. Not only can it be played on TV with friends and family, it can be easily picked up on the go, meaning the fun never stops. Moreover, it has an amazing library of games that are sure to keep people playing for a long time.

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