LIGA - Three penalties were awarded, but Barசாa continue against Levante

A small parsa exits the lavender trap on the wire. Having long been unrecognizable in the Ciudad de Valencia, FC Barcelona have largely barely passed much of the crowd in recent weeks, with all creativity and passion filtered out. Jose Luis Morales’ logical score started from the penalty spot (52nd) and in four minutes Pierre-Emerick Aubmeyang (59th) and Petrie (63rd) saw Plugrana’s awareness.

Another penalty converted by Gonzalo Melero (83rd) gave hope to the Gronots, but in extra time (90th + 2) Luke de Jong’s helmet shot saved Barcelona, ​​12 points from Real Madrid, one game short. Still pushed, Levante sees maintenance moving further away.

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Match Breakthrough: Der Stegen saved a penalty

Candidate for the title in a disqualification, we thought the case started badly for the Valencians. Still. Playing for a few seconds, already, the tone is set. A completely failed central recovery from Danny Alves almost cost Plugrana, cooling from the start with a curling shot by Jose Luis Morales very close to the right corner (1st). The first action, which revealed a bland first period for the Catalans, was not at the right pace, camped on a sterile possession, and convicted of several offenses in the opposite camp.

Instead, Levante immediately ignited the living stands of the Valencian envelope. The Gronoes created key chances in the first half, including a memorable breakthrough for Morales, he assisted with a variety of fines and triples, the ball seemed to slip into the net and was finally released on the line by Eric Garcia. (26th) Three minutes later, Ronald Aravjo (29th) without a save, another home scorer Roger Marty came close to starting the score. The manager, Barza can react (or does not want to), does not give the appearance of being satisfied with spreading the skin sideways.

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Paradoxically, after Culés ‘first free chance, Daniel Gardinஸ்s (49th) was stopped by Ferran Torres’ head, and Barசாa conceded an avoidable penalty. In the charge of obstructing the son’s (50th) arm, Danny Alves aided Morales’ (51st) right foot without assistance. The worst seemed to be over, but, again, Eric Garcia Marty (55th) followed with a header and was penalized for a hand in the area. The striker wanted to take justice into his own hands, but this time Mark-Andre der Stegen came out on the right (56th). Petri and the poet prepared to take the stage.

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