Loss of FFXIV packets and network issues under investigation

FFXIV Packet loss and network issues were reported by some after the release of patch 6.1 on April 12, 2022. Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida noted Square Enix aware of this problem. However, he noted that since this could be a network routing issue, reports from affected players can help resolve the issue.

Advertising explained that the packet loss in FFXIV It can mainly happen when data is lost during transfer. Yoshida specifically noted, “In the past month, some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Japan reported problems due to high network concentration or build-related issues.” He said that by telling people the tracking results, ISP details, location, general time, and the rate at which it is done FFXIV Network problems occur, Square Enix can learn more and contact your ISP.

The rest of the details explained how to find the tracking path information to help with reporting FFXIV network problems. In Windows, you will need to open Windows PowerShell, then enter ‚Äútracert [IP address of your data center]and copy the results to Send to Square Enix. On Macs, someone needs to go to Terminal in the Utilities folder in Applications. There, someone puts ‘Tracking Path [IP address of your data center]and copy the resulting data to Square Enix.

The IP addresses of the data centers were also shared. These are the same for both Windows and Mac.

  • Europe:
  • Japan:
  • North America:
  • Oceania:

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