Love is in the meadow: John-Franசois Melanie in a relationship, their first kiss was filmed

Jean-Franசois, a 48-year-old sheep farmer in Ariz, returned on Monday, October 11. Love is in the meadow 2021. He was getting ready to get his supporters Melanie, A beautiful Ariziois he fell in love with at first sight, and during fast dating Mary Ange (52 years old, headmaster at Toulouse). Were his feelings confirmed?

After a warm welcome, the two supporters went to the sheepfold and met the farmer’s son and daughter. Mary-Ange was later invited to attend a date–date with Jean-Franசois. But with a dumb man she thought of beautiful landscape. “With Mary-Ange, I feel like it doesn’t do that. She is very nice. But I fell in love with Melanie and it didn’t changeSaid the candidate.

Then place Melanie and the electricity between the two became clear again. They were not without emotion, they returned to their love at first sight with speed. And very quickly, the two touched. Hugs, kisses on the cheek, song … they already owned … already exchanged the first kiss. “For me it is my soul mate. This is the one I was waiting forSaid the beautiful lady with tears in her eyes.

Again, it was clear between Jean-Franசois and Melanie. We may have forgotten the poor Mary-Ange who was waiting for them, without doubting what was going on a little above.

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