The controversy surrounding him does not subside Federicoking and husband Mary Denmark Which, just over a month aftercoronation It still attracts the attention of the Danes. In fact, it seemed that instead of paying attention to his new duties as a Sovereign, he spent a day Long vacation in the snow With his wife and four children. After a few weeks of rest, it was her turn again Queen Margaret II He took control of the monarchy. She takes custody while her son enjoys his vacation at the Swiss chalet Verbier.

Holidays that the Danes didn't like

Royal insider Lars Hofback Sørensen expressed his surprise mixed with disappointment in the newspaper's columns Si og hor“It's a bit unusual. There's no precedent for a king to go on a skiing holiday less than a month after ascending the throne.” This is what the new Sovereign seems to have Ignore the royal agendaBut already in 2020 the luxury Swiss chalet was on everyone's lips. The couple, then heirs to the throne, had given birth I bought the property in 2008 In the amount of 1.5 million euros. The 4 Valleys ski area, where the chalet is located, is also popular with stars such as Diana Ross, Marthe Keeler and… Prince Andrew.

The dissatisfaction of the subjects is added to the scandal that occurred at the end of 2023, which arose from some photos of the then prince with a woman who was not his wife. Federico was seen with Genoveva Casanova in Madrid, immediately after the photos were published in the magazine. LecturesThe court took measures to avoid the consequences of his behavior which was certainly inappropriate for a prince of his rank. His wife, Mary of Denmark, did not leave him alone and faced the matter He faces difficult moments with great courage Until the coronation day, when she seemed particularly calm.

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Disagreements a month after the ruling

Announcement Queen Margaret II, specially designated for New Year's Eve, arrived unexpectedly despite the sovereign's maturity and recent health problems that forced her to review her priorities. Coronation of Frederick Spending review On the initiative of the Mother, it was organized soon after, on 14 January, at which the King and Queen appeared from the balcony of Christiansborg to greet the cheering public.

And this is where The first details of her appearance Which sparked the interest of some observers. In fact, you can see under the white glove Black bracelet I worked with macrame. According to the Danish newspaper my housewill come from Danish jewelry brand Shamballa Jewels, and secondly Jewelry room It will cost about 2,500 euros.

Was it a gift from someone close to him or a gift from the brand? Neither the Jewels of Shambhala nor the Royal House wanted to respond. “If this is the bracelet that Shambhala gave to improve her image, then We find ourselves in a situation where something is wrongJasper Olsen, head of Transparency International Denmark, told the Danish Information Center channel DR.


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