NBA Pat Beverley cash envers le Jazz

No one to keep his tongue in his pocket, Patrick Beverly pronounced the color right upon his arrival in Utah. The agency has already sent a big message to its new leaders regarding the coming year. Hard to be more clear!

For once, we can say that irony is still quite plain. Patrick Beverly wasn’t a big fan of Rudy Gobert for a good few years, yet he was part of the package that the Timberwolves sent to Jazz, in order to get the French Axle back. This made the fans laugh softly, and Even the captain was severely humiliated in his stride.

To get back on the ground, the ex-Clipper left a squad that just played in the playoffs for a team full of doubts, given that his other star Donovan Mitchell He is also on his way out. Not enough to reassure the person concerned, and it hasn’t eased up lately. He has already sent a clear message to his leaders, asking to know the goals for 2022-23:

Pat Beverly wants to know the goals of the jazz

Utah will try to win or the tank will try, tell me… We’ll take Utah all the way, or will Utah say they don’t need me and we can go somewhere else?

The message is clear: either the Mormons will fight to get into the post-season, or the rebuilding project, and at that time, you can also get rid of the watchdog immediately, which is not too enthusiastic about such a possibility.

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It must be said that at the age of 33, the veteran no longer had time to take care of a team looking for himself, he who still wanted a chance to win the title. However, fans still had little flair for his way of suggesting that he would be an essential cog in his people’s success, even though he was important during his short time in Minnesota. So it didn’t take long before he encountered some really big interventions again:

Um, weird, bring Biff he was telling him they were actually going to tank. Don’t worry Biff, no one will support you for more than a year, you will soon have a new home.

Patrick Beverly says clearly, he’d like to have more insight in terms of jazz projects. If the idea was to start from scratch, he would almost certainly ask to leave. We also know he has a strong eye on the Lakers.


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