Les sénateurs PS pointent «une situation préoccupante de la presse, livrée à des intérêts économiques qui peuvent s

The Senate Presidents Conference, on Tuesday evening, recorded the formation of two investigative committees, at the initiative of the left, one on private consulting firms, and the second on the focus of the media. The communist-majority CRCE group uses “drawing rights“to establish a commission of inquiry on”The growing influence of private consulting firms on public policy».

According to the CRCE Group, the decision made during the health crisis “To sign 26 contracts with private consulting firms to take part in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, he highlighted the drift that could legitimately call into question the control of political power over often essential options.“. PS Group has chosen to form a commission of inquiry into the increasing trend toward media focus. PS Senators point”A worrying situation for the press, left to economic interests that may deviate from issues of pluralism and media ethics».

The Conference of Presidents also noted the establishment of two fact-finding missions. one on the topicHow does civic culture work?», at the request of the radical majority RDSE group. The second, at the request of the environmental group, on the topic “Protecting and supporting individuals by building an environmental social security for the twenty-first century».


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