McDonald's sold out milkshakes and bottled soft drinks

Thousands of European truck drivers needing to move goods never return to work due to Covid and Brexit: Many fast food chains on their knees, Britons outraged on social media

McDonald’s had to stop selling milkshakes and bottled soft drinks in many of its buildings; Last week the well-known American series Nando has closed 50 of its 450 stores due to a shortage of chicken. On social media, images of empty shelves in supermarkets have gone crazy: “It’s the worst shortage I’ve ever seen,” said Steve Morells, chief executive of Co-operative, one of the UK’s largest retail groups.

We risk ‘canceling Christmas again’, announce to guardian Iceland supermarket chain manager Richard Walker is urging the government to intervene in Brexit rules to allow truck drivers to be hired overseas.

Not only truck drivers are missing, but also workers in meat-processing plants and workers collecting fruits and vegetables: Many retailers offer bonuses to those who accept jobs. An unprecedented short circuit simultaneously affected sectors such as logistics, trade, catering, construction and agriculture.

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