North Korea sends balloons filled with feces and garbage to South Korea

Tensions between north korea And the South Korea It took an unusual turn. Balloons laden with feces and waste have been sent from Pyongyang to Seoul, exacerbating concerns about safety and hygiene along the heavily armed border.

The latest reports come amid a period of renewed tension on the Korean Peninsula, where more than 150 balloons were discovered on Wednesday, according to the news agency. Yonhap. South Korean authorities issued warnings to residents in border areas, urging them to avoid contact with these unknown objects and to immediately report any findings to the military or police.

Pictures published by the media show white balloons inflated with plastic bags. It appears that some of the balloons that landed were carrying A mixture of rubbish, including plastic bottles, batteries, shoe parts and manure.

These firings constitute not only a violation of decency, but also a clear violation Violation of international regulationsAn official in the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff also pointed out, denouncing such actions and describing them as “inhumane and vulgar.”

Strange answer

Deputy Defense Minister of North Korea, Kim Kang IlShe stated that such actions are a direct response to Anti-North Korea leaflets South Korea launched it recently, signaling an escalation in psychological warfare tactics on both sides. These publications have traditionally carried messages criticizing the North Korean regime and encouraging dissent among the North's citizens.


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