Moscow Relations, Head of Cyber ​​Security Risk

in the midst of anxiety


to attacks on its infrastructure, from sabotaging Nord Stream to chaos in railway traffic Last Saturday, the BSI case shook German politics. Some experts suspect that this was the first test conducted by saboteurs with deep technical knowledge of the German transmission system. This means that more attacks may arrive, including computer attacks, and


It will have to work at full speed and with full effectiveness.

Decisive to unleash

Schoenbaum’s case is the association’s “reputation”.

Cyber-Sicherheitsrat Deutschland

eV (Cyber ​​Security Council Germany), of which Arne Schoenbohm was one of the founders in 2012. The association is a member of the Berlin cybersecurity company Protelion, which was called Infotecs until last March and is nothing more than a subsidiary of the Russian cybersecurity firm Oao Infotecs. A Russian company founded by Andrei Chapachev, a former employee of the research department of


was awarded the Medal of Honor by the Russian President

Russian President Vladimir Putin.

same association

Cyber ​​Security Council Germany

It was announced today that it has expelled Protelion from its members with immediate effect because it “violates the objectives” of the organization. As mentioned SpiegelAlready in 2019, the association was actually in the media’s viewfinder for potential contacts with

Russian intelligence

These new, hidden accusations could deal a fatal blow to its credibility and credibility.

other criticism

Against the German Cyber ​​Security Council Association also emerged that, although it is a lobbying association of German companies and industries, it will present itself with an ambiguous name that could lead us to believe that it is a corporate body.

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