Un paquebot de la compagnie MSC Croisières dans le port de Barcelone.

The president of MSC Cruises told reporters that he expects bookings to return to normal in 2022, after 2021 still crippled by the pandemic. “Like all other cruise lines, we’ve lost money in the last 15 months’,” said Pierfrancesco Fago, chief Italian-Swiss shipowner, based in Geneva, to Swiss press group CH Media.

«This year we are still running a deficit, but at least we’re making an income again“He said, reporting 50% fewer bookings than in 2019.”I am optimistic about 2022“But he added a definite to the receipt”The bookings are already for 2022 which is in line with the trend of 2019. So I see some normalization».

Unvaccinated always welcome

Pierfrancesco Vago has confirmed that it will continue to allow non-vaccinated people to board its ships so as not to exclude families with children. “We are a family cruise line. I myself have children. And I have no heart to let only vaccinated people on the plane have to refuse a lot of families“, he argued. Especially since the anti-Covid protocols put in place by his group, he says, have allowed tens of thousands of customers to participate in the cruises “Safely».

MSC Cruises passengers and crew members must undergo antigen testing prior to boarding, additional testing during the cruise, as well as daily temperature monitoring. Crew members are also tested every seven days.

Pierfrancesco Vago is also described as “positive“The Italian government’s decision to ban navigation in the Great Lake of Venice, as of August 1, on charges of endangering the foundations of its historical center. According to him, cruise passengers have long argued in favor of an alternative route for their ships, which will now have to dock at the city’s industrial port of Marghera.

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