Netflix android

Tired of waiting for downloads to complete before you can watch your content on the Netflix app? You must like this new update.

Watching a movie or series on a smartphone? A few years ago, it might have seemed unbelievable to watch such content on such a small screen, however, Netflix has gradually proven this usage among the general public thanks to its app. Realizing that this practice is here to stay, Netflix has pledged to improve its app in small steps, as is the arrival of automatic downloading of content that may satisfy you at the beginning of the year.

Along the same lines, Netflix introduces a new feature that should appeal to those who often download their content with the intention of watching it later, in places where the connection is poor or even non-existent.

No need to wait for the download to complete

Until now, it was necessary to wait for your content to finish downloading before you could watch it. Now, the Netflix Android app will allow you to start watching your movie or series even if your content is not fully downloaded. In addition, you will be able to start playing even if the download is progressing in the background.

This new feature is included in the Netflix 7.64 update for Android. IOS users are not affected yet, but Reed Hastings determines that they are entitled to it in the coming months. This update is currently rolling out so it should be available to you in the coming days on the Google Play Store.


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