Netflix will launch in video games in 2022

according to
BloombergNetflix will release video games sometime next year. A key strategic development in a sector that the streaming service considers one of its fiercest competitors. To do so, Netflix confirmed that it has appointed former CEO of Oculus, Electronic Arts, and Zynga, Mike Verdo, as its vice president of game development.

SVoD has already tried an indirect approach to video games with its interactive software like Bandersnatch and some licensing and marketing partnerships. Last April, Greg Peters, COO and Director of Product at Netflix, hinted that interest in games could change. ” We’re trying to figure out all the different ways…to dig deeper into this fanbase, and the games are definitely a really interesting part. said at the time. “ There is no doubt that gaming will be an important form of entertainment and an important way to deepen this fan experience. ».

Netflix has always maintained that its competition extends beyond traditional TV and movie players. The streaming service, which has 207 million subscribers, has repeatedly called games like Fortnite and YouTube among its strongest competitors.

Article from adapted from CNETFrance

Photo: Angela Lange/CNET

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