Nintendo launched over 1,300 hits against this legendary YouTube channel

It’s a crumbling temple to video game music. for more than 10 years, GilvaSunner’s YouTube channel Delight lovers MarioAnd Zelda or donkey kong By providing free access to Nintendo’s music universe cream. It has over a hundred playlists of cult franchises, followed by over 450,000 subscribers.

Unfortunately, the existence of such a melodic treasure did not please everyone: the main party, Nintendo, strongly condemned the unauthorized distribution of its soundtracks. So the Japanese company did not fail to express its disapproval of such practices by sending more than 1,300 strikes on several videos on the channel.

“More than 1,300 copyright bans on YouTube channel today, GilvaSunner tweeted on January 29th. Here are all the audio clips that Nintendo has banned this time around.”. The list is long: there are many of them the legend of zeldaAnd Super Smash Bros., Super Mario or others Kirby Among the 17 video games shown in the screenshot accompanying his message.

If it sets “This time”, for the simple good reason that this isn’t the first time his channel has been targeted by Nintendo. from August 2019, Share it on Twitter A charming glimpse into his Gmail inbox filled with endless emails with the same beautiful subject: “Copyright Claim: Your Video Has Been Banned”.

Nintendo’s ruthlessness was such that a simple tweet became a real thread: Rebellion over a year later, in December 2020. GilvaSunner also took the opportunity to reclaim the truth: No, his videos aren’t monetized and, therefore, don’t bring him a penny.

“I understand that this does not justify posting this contentAnd had set. I’m not angry or surprised that Nintendo did this either, but I think it’s a bit unfortunate that there is no alternative. If Nintendo thinks this is the right thing to do (to set an example), I’ll let them close the channel. It’s their content after all.”

But beyond the question of the typical nature arises the real benefit of such a procedure. By depriving loyal Gilva subscribers of true musical gems and auditory nostalgia beats, Nintendo is disappointing its community a little more. Because the sounds of its most emblematic games are not available anywhere else, on any streaming platform. “Nintendo expects us to use the Switch like a Walkman”, Jack Moin joked in a comment on his recent tweet.

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