On the Fox stage, Argentine Miley describes Sanchez's wife as “corrupt.”  Madrid recalls its ambassador to Buenos Aires

The accusations made today by Argentine President Javier Miley in his speech during an event by Vox, the far-right Spanish party led by Santiago Abascal, where Giorgia Meloni also spoke via video link, threaten to open a new diplomatic crisis between Madrid and Buenos Aires. Miley slammed off stage in Madrid […]

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The accusations leveled by the Argentine president today threaten to spark a new diplomatic crisis between Madrid and Buenos Aires Javier Miley In his speech during the Vox event, he said the Spanish far-right party led by… Santiago AbascalGiorgia Meloni also spoke via video link. From a stage Madrid Miley criticized “cursed and cancerous socialism” and called “corrupt“The wife of the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Mabuel AlbarezAnnounced a corporate statement. While the socialists Pso They described the accusations as “unbearable” and called on the leader of the People's Party to “clearly and strongly condemn” the Argentine president's words.

In a memorandum, the SWP stated that the “seriousness” of the accusations should provoke an “immediate reaction from all political parties”, as “hate speech by international ultras cannot go unpunished”. In his speech at FIFA Europa 2024, Miley said, referring to Sanchez without quoting him: “What a race of people who absorb power. Even when he has a corrupt wife, he becomes filthy and takes 5 days to think about it.” The reference is to the five days of reflection the Prime Minister spent in April considering possible resignations in the face
The “mud machine” is run by right-wingers.

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Miley's criticism comes after the diplomatic incident between Madrid and Buenos Aires, which was caused two weeks ago by the statements of the Spanish Minister of Transport, Oscar PuenteWho hinted that the Argentine president had taken “narcotic substances.” Buenos Aires rejected “slander and insults,” calling on Prime Minister Sanchez to “deal with the most urgent matters.” Such as corruption charges against his wifeThe Spanish government responded with “categorical condemnation” to the “unfounded accusations” that “are not compatible with the relations between the two countries and the two brotherly peoples.” Casa Rosada, the seat of the Argentine government, had closed the incident after Minister Puente said: “ If I had known the repercussions of my words, I would not have said them.”

But today Miley could not resist and from the stage of the conference organized by Vox with a group Conservatives and reformists (Ecr) In the European Parliament, he relaunched the accusations against Sanchez and his wife. The Spanish Foreign Minister commented: “A direct and unacceptable attack.” Jose Manuel Albarez. Albaris announced in an institutional statement that “the Spanish government has summoned the Spanish ambassador in Buenos Aires for consultations,” and “demands that Miley make a public apology.”


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