Operation Monarch starts today - King Kong and Godzilla in the trailer

The monsters King Kong and Godzilla are now fighting over the Caldera. You can find the most important information and launch trailer in this post.

Tonight at 6 PM, King Kong and Godzilla storm the Call of Duty: Warzone battlefield. You then have two weeks to run the Monarch process event mode. This in-game event is part of Season Three, which began on April 27.

Unlock monster line

In the time-limited mode, 60 players play against each other, divided into teams of four. You have to collect points to fill titan counter. For this purpose, loot chests and deliver equipment or eliminate your enemies. This gives you useful kills and a particularly powerful attack when the bar is full: you can choose to speed up King Kong or Godzilla on your opponents.

Instead, you have to deal as much damage as possible to huge monsters over the course of the game. The most effective team will be rewarded with a monster streak (another).

By the way, you will get cosmetic rewards for completing certain tasks. These can be talismans, emblems, stickers, business cards, sprays. For example, you have to deal a certain amount of damage points. New Outfit Packs based on King Kong and Godzilla are also available in the Store.

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If that doesn’t work for you, you can still play the classic Battle Royale mode. But first, take a look at the launch announcement uploaded today:

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