Vigal: Wearing a Boca shirt is a big challenge

01/24/2022 – 23:13 Mouth of the world

Jorge Figal, a brand new addition to the Boca Juniors, admitted he had no hesitation when he was offered to join the team, led by DT Sebastián Battaglia, at the 2022 edition of the ‘xeneize’ Foundation.

At the press conference for the presentation held in Bombonera, the 27-year-old defender said: “When the opportunity arose, I did not hesitate. I needed to return to Argentine football.”

“It’s a big challenge to wear the Boca shirt,” said the defender, who will wear the No. 4 shirt.

“I have reached an age when I feel at ease both physically and mentally,” the former Independiente and Olympo de Bahia Blanca player admitted.

He will add Boca Vigal to his ranks, having paid $3 million to Inter Miami of the Major League Soccer (MLS). The player, who trained yesterday with his new teammates, signed a three-season pledge.

When asked what characteristics the value of “xeneize” should show, Vigal explained that “a Boca player must be fast, know how to play in the middle of the field and show a lot of spice”, according to his assessment.

Praised by Jorge Bermúdez, the current member of the club’s football board, and the glory of the Copa Libertadores champions teams in the 2000 and 2001 seasons, Fegal did not hesitate and said: “It is a pride for Jorge (Bermúdez) to think of it. I am.”

“The football board, Roman (Riquelme) and president (Jorge) Amill for their interest,” said the defender, who thanked the football board. back inside the field.”

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Bermúdez confirmed that “(Jorge) Vigal is a high-ranking player who will provide us with security,” he said.


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