Instagram: comment repérer les faux abonnés sur le réseau social ?

Fake subscribers can easily be spotted on the popular Instagram app. Here’s how to get to know them for sure.

Many Instagram users buy fake followers in an effort to get better deals with brands. But this trick can be double-edged. Here’s how to spot fake followers on social media. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Instagram How to avoid shadow shadow?

If TikTok dominates social networks, it seems thatInstagram is still trying stay awake. In fact, the app continues to offer new features.

In order to compete with its biggest competitor. However, a significant problem was identified by users of the platform.

yes! Some time ago, Some of them are shadow victims. In other words, their backs have dropped dramatically.

But don’t panic! If you encounter this issue on Instagram, Blogdumoderateur I did not hesitate to put several tips online to avoid this unfortunate incident.

First, don’t join pods. Pods are groups of people who commit to liking your posts. Unfortunately, this is often short-lived.

In addition, Don’t buy instagram followers. According to the blog, “An account with a large number of subscribers, but few likes gives a bad image. »

Besides, that’s not all! Also, try not to follow too many accounts. If you serialize the subscriptions in one day, it can cost you a lot.

Finally, don’t add too many hashtags to your posts. The number of ticks is limited to 30. But there is no need to overdo it. It’s useless and Instagram doesn’t really appreciate this kind of practice.

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Finally, one last tip, don’t let bots subscribe to your account. yes! Fake followers tend to tarnish your reputation. MCE TV tells you more.

How do you discover fake subscribers?

If you want to gain more Instagram followers, don’t buy them. In fact, this practice often brought up by influencers can be a double-edged sword.

According to the latest news Information posted by NumiramaAnd According to a study by HypeAuditor, 34% of influencers are in the US (One in three!) Affected by fraud: massive subscriber growth, incorrect comments… There is no shortage of violations. »

Furthermore it, ” Close 30% of the followers of the famous influencer Enjoyph Phoenix They will be fake accounts. Very bad publicity.

But then, how do we find out? It is very simple. Many sites calculate engagement rate for the account. Among them: FameAudit, or Socialblade. So these are Able to detect fake Instagram followers.

But this is not the only solution. In fact, you can also detect fake subscribers easily. That’s thanks for your observation.

If you come across an account without a picture. that this one has Strange name like user32496756This is fake! Especially since the latter has no function. And no subscribers. strange isn’t it?

And if they leave comments on Instagram, these are very simple words. They are: “beautiful picture”, “good picture” or even “great picture”. So be sure not to be deceived!


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