The storytelling is not completely linear

The storytelling in Far Cry 6 is not completely linear and Yara adapts as you begin your journey.

When your adventure begins in Far Cry 6 on the tropical island of Yara, the game world is open for you and you can decide for yourself which area or direction you want to go, narration director Navid Khavari tells us now.

From an artistic point of view of the story, the story must adapt itself despite the free decision where to go. So you are not following a linear path.

“We have been tasked with trying to make the narrative really work and adapt no matter which region or region you start in. If you go to the western districts of Yara and decide to jump into the eastern or central regions, or even go to the capital, the story will work. We have these story brackets that are going to work. Has been incorporated into systemic metastasis.

In addition to the main content, there are also sub-content in the game Interlaced, according to Javari.

“Of course. In Far Cry 6, we did not use word-side content much when speaking within the team. These are the processes and stories that one will experience among the local population. It is all due to the presence of characters with complex goals and needs.”

“Tonally and thematically, everything must fit into the sandbox of the revolution, even if the characters do not necessarily talk about the revolution. Their entire existence and livelihood are affected, so we try to clarify the complexity of such a situation.”

Moreover, guerrilla fighters join you in missions and support you in the open world. This also includes animals such as the dachshund or the crocodile.

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