Criticism - Ghost Cut Tsushima Director

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut returns with many new features

Even if you wait for it, Ghost of Tsushima It is definitely one of my best surprises in the last year. It’s really nice to die for a PS4 launch with a file Play Well thought out and a vast world to explore, it was hard to believe that Sucker Punch could do better Ghost Cut Out Tsushima.

This new version arrives with its share of new features, most of which are reserved for PS5. But PS4 still benefits from the extension that takes you to the island of Iki, which was invaded by Mongolian forces at the same time. But this island is also the birthplace of our hero Jin Sakai. So he has a double motive to liberate his homeland from the yoke of the invader.

His heels are even more despicable. This mission, which begins in Chapter Two if you restart the game from the beginning, invites you to investigate a mysterious disease that is driving people crazy. This is where you get to know the shamans, the new foes who are capable of inducing ecstasy in their opponents thanks to their tribal song. The origins of this scourge of course go back to this new island which puts you in the grip of the eagle, the responsible Mongolian leader. This is followed by a quest for about six hours, drawing on the game’s strengths, including its reliable environment.

Players will also be able to take advantage of the targeting system, but also the possibility to make the quiver go away. Some seemed to be embarrassed by his presence in combat.

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What’s new in PlayStation 5

On PlayStation 5, Ghost of Tsushima was messed up. Not only is the game now in 4K with the extension frame rate 60fps is stable, but HDR support makes the game more lively. The SSD makes fast travel instantaneous and most importantly, the vibrations are present all the time. One of the arguments for the DualSense controller is the touch technology, which translates into vibrations that are supposed to enhance immersion. In this new version of Sucker Punch we feel it when we run, when we shoot an arrow and of course when we fight. Personally, I find it a bit clever.

The addition I’ve been waiting for that once again frustrated me is lip-syncing in Japanese. In my original review, I denounced the fact that the latter was absent and a betrayal of the developers’ lack of strictness. according to PlayStation Blog PostNow fixed on PS5 in Director’s Cut version. But not everywhere. The site already indicates that this is the case in movie scenes and only on Iki Island. It is light and disappointing. Especially for a game with a mode that claims to honor Akira Kurosawa.

There are also improvements in terms of 3D audio, but we didn’t have the equipment to test it. So we submit to your judgment.

If Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut mainly brings aesthetic improvements, the presence of a completely new gameplay area lets you dive once again into this unique saga. Additionally, whatever version you have, you’ll have to go back to checkout to take advantage of it:

  • Upgrading from PS4 to Director’s Cut PS4 Edition costs $26.99
  • Upgrading from Director’s Cut PS4 to Director’s Cut PS5 costs about $15
  • Switching from the PS4 version to the Director’s Cut PS5 version costs about $40
  • The boxed or digital version of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PS4 costs $79.99
  • Boxed or digital version of Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut PS5 costs $89.99
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the most

  • Same polished gameplay
  • New Iki Island

the least

  • The camera that gets lost during the fight
  • Above all aesthetic improvements

One last note

9 / 10


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