Pour Mathieu Chabert, l'entraîneur Castelroussin, La Berri sur le dernier match ne mérite pas de jouer en Ligue 2 la saison prochaine.

As some experts at the National Championship would have imagined, at the dawn of the 28th, two former residents of League 2 ranked seventh for Satyurox and sixteenth out of eighteen for Sampli!

So it is a conflict between these two professional clubs where the rankings do not fully match the objectives set at the start of the season. Oise footballers must disassociate themselves with or without means to avoid being relegated to the fourth division. According to the Castelroussins, their purpose is very clear, to succeed in trying to clear the terrible disappointment, to beat the red light Boulogne-sur-Mer 1-0 at home Last week, the hopes of joining League 2 may have come to an end.

We will win the sample and then we will see in which series we will play. Coach by Matthew Chabert Perry

Playing in the sample is not a gift: This is the team that will play its maintenance at the end of the championship. For us, we are unqualified to play in League 2 next season. Now we have to react, so we have to win. We are always doing well after small, large or medium setbacks. It is no longer worth talking about going above and beyond. Have to win because you haven’t won recently. We must also stop projecting ourselves. Let’s start already by winning in the sample and see what we can do after the series. ”Perichon coach Matthew Chabert analyzes.

Perry’s goal is to score 45 points at the end of the game in the sample

Castelrosin has not been successful since traveling to Sedan (2-0) on March 4. They are at two points taken out of the possible nine. This is too low to qualify for a possible admission. We need to jump back in as fast as we can, why not on Sampli’s lawn. In the first leg, Castelrozins won 2–1 at Gaston-Pettit Stadium. This was the first success of the Matthew Chabert era. Success at the break. This time around, however, on the field of Champli, La Perry must win and count 45 points in the general classification at the end of this meeting. After the champ, six games remain.

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Group: 1 Telecroix, 2 Vargas, 3 MBONÉ, 4 Owane, 7 Nouri, 8 Mexico, 9 Tube, 12 Fofana, 13 MBENUE, 16 The Roy, 19 சங்கந்தே, 22 Theo, 26 ROUX, 27 Yusuf, 29 DOUCOURE, 36 Basque, 39 Benadine. Coach: Matthew Chabert.

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