Photoshop will launch a completely free version on the web


No more breaking the bank adding your head to a unicorn’s body.

This is news that will delight photo editing lovers! No more paying $30 a month to add your head to a unicorn’s body or to fix your skin blemishes. All this will be possible soon and without even taking a euro out of your pocket. Adobe plans to develop a completely free web version of Photoshop, as shown Many specialized media. The platform is also currently being tested in Canada where lucky kids can enjoy Photoshop via their browser with a free Adobe account.

© Pexels / Erik Mclean

Good news but it still has some limitations. Do not expect amazing modifications in this free version because this “free” version will have fewer features than the paid program. In addition, going through your browser, the program will necessarily be less efficient. As Adobe’s approach is not at all indifferent: this web version will primarily make Photoshop more accessible to encourage users later to pay for the full version.

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At the moment, Adobe has not yet announced the release date of this free version. So it will be necessary to be patient.

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