'Plan to destabilize Munich' rumors of investigation - Libero Quotidiano

Charlene Wittstock She returned to Munich after spending months in a private clinic in Switzerland. Her health problems, caused by a nasty infection that required several surgeries while in South Africa, have not yet been completely overcome: the princess is still extremely skinny, to the point that, according to some tabloids, a plan has been planned for her liquid. Nutrition accompanied by a sports course with the aim of restoring strength.

Meanwhile, it is rumored that Prince Albert He is very nervous, but not about what is happening to his wife Charlene. For months – keep reading Corriere della Sera – a mysterious website attacking those close to the prince, four officials and people you trust.” Le Monde also addressed this story by talking about “Sort of a conservative but sprawling G4” Who will act behind Alberto’s back, looking for a profit in the billionaire’s business. “By remaining silent about these people — was the prince’s response — the principality is the one one wants to reach, it is one destabilization maneuver“.

According to Alberto, persistent rumors about Charlene’s health about her alleged desire to leave Monaco and separate from her husband are also part of this “maneuvering” aimed at undermining the stability of the principality. Alberto is described as “outraged” by these rumours: he is waiting for the outcome of two judicial investigations taking place in Paris and Monaco to clarify the whole poisoned case.

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