The health of Jacob Deswariux, co-founder of Kassa, is considered stable

According to the terms of a brief press release, the family and music troupe of musician Jacob Deswariux have been contacted about his condition being “considered stable by his doctors”.

The day after the news spread that musician Jacob Deswariux would be admitted to hospital, Kasav, who is a co – founder member of his group, is preparing to confirm the information and confirm his health in order to silence the warning rumors.

Jacob Deswariax was placed in an artificial coma to give him the care he needed. This is a classic medical protocol.

His condition is considered stable by his doctors and we will get more information within 48 hours.

Thanks to the Point-e-Pitre University Hospital team for working calmly and protecting their loved ones from spreading misinformation on WhatsApp.

Laws Product / Kasav ‘Management

The diabetic, Guadeloupe musician visited the University Hospital Center this week as part of tests of the time interval he has to do since he was transferred. It was during this test that he tested positive for Covit-19. Jacob Deswarias has been admitted to hospital due to complications related to his transplant surgery.

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