Pokémon GO: Partner with Prime Gaming for even more free rewards!

Pokémon GO, the augmented reality game, continues to conquer the world by allowing different trainers to collect new creatures over the months. In 2022, the seventh generation and its Alola region find themselves at the center of a content-rich season, but that’s not all, moreover, Niantic is launching a new rewards program.

Pokémon GO collaborates with Prime Gaming

I have already read, Niantic Joins Prime Gaming Rewards Program with Leading Pokémon GO Title. A golden opportunity for players who benefit from Amazon Prime subscription to get various gift packages through the platform. If you are not familiar with Prime Gaming, it is a program associated with Amazon Prime that allows you to get rewards for many titles such as Genshin Impact, Lost Ark, Fifa 22 or even Overwatch 2. It is not the only one interested in this program because it also allows you to get games Free on PC even if it’s less noticeable than gifts plus Twitch channel subscription via Twitch Prime.

How do you get Prime Gaming Rewards?

To get your Prime Gaming rewards, it is very simple, just follow this procedure provided that you have an Amazon Prime subscription beforehand.

  • Sign in with your Amazon account ici.
  • You get directly to the Pokémon GO page, if not, you just have to search for Pokémon GO in the list of available rewards.
  • Once you get to the right page, you can see the offers that are available, expired or not yet available.
  • All you have to do is select the offer you are interested in by clicking “Redeem Now”.
  • You now have a code that must be entered directly into the game or via this reservation.
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Please note that codes expire 5 days after the offer ends.

What rewards are available with Prime Gaming?

To finish this news, we will see what rewards you can get. There is currently only one show, but there will be more to come. You can still discover what is presented to you with this first code.

  • 30 Buckyballs
  • 5 reminders max
  • star piece

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